Keyboard Bindings

StartExplorer offers basic keyboard binding support. The predefined commands have shortcuts:

Command Keyboard Binding
Start Explorer Strg+Alt+E
Start cmd.exe Strg+Alt+D
Start System Application Strg+Alt+A
Copy Resource Path to Clipboard Strg+Alt+C

The keyboard bindings are configurable by standard eclipse means (Preferences -> General -> Keys). The category's name is "StartExplorer".

There is one caveat: The resource based versions of each command and the text selection based versions of the same command share the same binding. Both use the binding of the resource based version. Example: "Show resource(s) in Windows Explorer" (for a resource from the Navigator/Package Explorer) uses Strg+Alt+E as well as "Start a Windows Explorer in this path" (for a text selection in an editor view) does. Only "Show resource(s) in Windows Explorer" may be bound to a new key binding, which is then applied to both commands.

There are no keyboard bindings for custom commands yet.

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