This plug-in offers tight integration of system file manager (Windows Explorer, Gnome Nautilus, KDE Konqueror, Mac Finder, ...) and shell (cmd.exe, Linux/Mac terminal) in Eclipse.

Every now and then when working with Eclipse you'd like to examine a file or a folder inside the Eclipse workspace with your file manager or open a shell/cmd.exe in this location. Or you edit a file in Eclipse and would like to open the parent folder of this file in the file manager or shell. Or the file you are editing contains a string which references another file in the filesystem and you would like to do some of the things mentioned above with that referenced file. This plug-in gives you a convenient way to do all this by adding a few entries to Eclipse's context menus. Furthermore, it offers a different, more convenient way to issue any shell/dos command you like through customizable menu commands. Last but not the least this plug-in offers a tighter integration of the clip board, so copying a file's/folder's path to the clip board is only two mouse clicks (instead of opening the Properties dialog and selecting the path manually).

This plug-in is inherently not platform-independent. Currently, the following operating systems/desktop environments are supported out of the box:

However, even if your system is not listed there, you can still easily configure StartExplorer to work correctly on your system.


Support/Bugs/Feature Requests

If you have some thoughts about StartExplorer, be it a bug report a feature request or whatever, use issues section of the project's GitHub page. If the plug-in does not work properly in your environment or if you have an idea for a nice feature that would be suitable for this plug-in, just go ahead and tell me.

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